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Kill Bill (part I)

October 31, 2003

What an awesome movie! It had all the elements I was expecting, manga, Bruce Lee, spaghetti western. The anime flashback worked very well. The one liners were great, the sets were expansive and glorious, which the cinematography made full use of.

eight out of ten.


Tomato seedlings planted.

October 25, 2003

My tomato seedlings looked large enough to plant today, although I was worried it was too hot for them. Tomato plants (at least the domesticated/cultivated ones us humans grow) are too weak to support the bloated size of the fruit they produce, and hence need to be staked. Originally I was going to support the stakes by wiring them against the security grill surrounding the patio, but that would have made moving the pot around very difficult. Instead I constructed a self supporting structure of bamboo stakes within the pot itself. Two stakes at either end of the rectangular pot are angled together, with a horizontal stake on top providing the structure, with vertical stakes from the middle of the pot connecting up to the horizontal stake actually being used to hold the plants up.

It says something when I’m more proud of my weekend plant staking efforts than of my entire week of software engineering.

It was fascinating to see how quickly the plants were affected by their change in environment; all the seedlings drooped very quickly when being transplanted. Several hours later, after watering with plant food, they’re looking about two thirds as good as they were in the seedling tray.

I should have taken some figures down of how many seeds failed to germinate, and how many seedlings died off; but I think about 90% of the seeds germinated, and about 90% of the seedlings made it to the transplanting stage, which is better than I was expecting.

Light Disturbance

October 22, 2003

A council worker came around this evening to check out the light disturbance caused by a street light. I submitted a work request way back in my first post. It turns out he would have shown up earlier, except that I stuffed up my mobile phone number, and so he couldn’t arrange an inspection time. He’s convinced it’s bright enough to cause a disturbance and is going to get energex to replace the light (along with a dodgy looking miniature light shield) with a new light and cover, as well as install a new light down the road which will help light the street without lighting up our bedrooms.

Update plugin bug report

October 10, 2003

When trying to build a static version of my blog:

Blosxom is generating static index pages...
Modification of a read-only value attempted at /home/croy/journal/plugins/update line 44, <UPD> line 1.

The offending line is:

while(<UPD>) { last if ($_ =~ m/^$/); }

Anyone know Perl ?

The Snow of Terror

October 10, 2003

What an awesome title..

Update Plugin

October 9, 2003

Mucking around with Aj’s update plugin…

Dinner and coffee with aj

October 8, 2003

Got chastised over not knowing blogging etiquette, I doubt I’m first one to spew crap over the Internet without a license though. Aj’s got a blosxom plugin to allow updates to entries without touching the original file, have to install that. He also referred to another plugin which allows urls to be input more naturally. I’ve just created a new section, daytoday, which is where the trivial boring stuff (like this entry) will go. Hrm, I need to get a list of these different sections on the front page somehow.

Debian release stall tally: 5hrs.

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman

October 8, 2003

A very intriguing idea that would only work for people who take comics seriously (and are thus able to replace the real world with some writers’ version). For me it was let down by some of the anachronistic technology (solar panels on the boat? the first automobile that performs like the batcar?) It was very pretty, some of the characterisations were good, the action scenes were quite good.

six out of ten.

The Edge of Destruction

October 7, 2003

Ian checks on the Doctor after collapsing after attempting to operate the console, and pronounces that his heart is alright; I wonder when it gets written in that time lords have two hearts?


October 7, 2003

So after finally getting all my statements in order, and reading an article in new scientist about computerised life journals, my blog looks kinda..messy. I want to start having different sections, WHO, guitar, movies, software, boring; seem like a good start.