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Little Jerusalem

March 28, 2006

A very intense story of one persons attempt to make sense of family, lust, faith and truth.

The lead is an Jewish philosophy student, physically attracted to a Muslim, she struggles to reconcile her religious faith with her belief in reason, and her base urges with her family’s values.



March 28, 2006

A very artsy look at cambodia. It’s almost like a documentary of peoples daily lives, but with the commentary replaced with classical music.

There’s a strong emphasis on children and teenagers.

Zim & Co.

March 28, 2006

A lovely winding story about how far a group of young immigrants will go to look after each other. With a sharp tongue and a sardonic attitude they grin and bear the worst that a racist, elitist French society throws at them.

A remarkably upbeat film considering the topic.

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt: Keku’s Story

March 18, 2006

An interesting exhibit at Queensland museum, until 21st May.

There are a lot of artifacts accompanied by some modern scans of their contents.

I didn’t know the Egyptians mummified so many animals.

My only complaint was the very low lighting used, to minimise fading colours, made it difficult to see detail. Perhaps some bright photography of the detail would have helped.