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First S2 shots.

September 12, 2005

I’ve finally taken a couple of shots with my new S2.

In all my years of hanging around this campus, I’ve never seen this large a family.

Right out of my office window. The image changes dramatically throughout the day, depending on the natural light, the internal lights, and the angles of the window.


Happy Mincom Employees

June 14, 2005

Victoria Barracks

May 9, 2005

Wet Spider Web

April 12, 2005

I do so love miserable weather.

S1 Niggles

February 9, 2005

I’ve had some time to play with the S1 and I’m now able to complain about it.

  • No bulb mode (unlimited exposure time, required for night time photography) I think the maximum exposure time I can dial is 15 seconds, which is well short of what’s needed for serious night time work, but adequate for play.
  • Slow focus in low light conditions. It often helps to turn IS (image stabilisation) off, focus, then turn IS back on.
  • Chroma distortion. Blue fringes where dark and light objects meet. Normally means that you’re close to over exposing the light objects anyway.

Enoggera Catchment

February 9, 2005

Went for a short bushwalk through Brisbane Forest Park during the Christmas break:


February 3, 2005

Pre-Christmas picnic at southbank, shot in sepia. Note the scribbles and love hearts.

Paddington House

February 2, 2005

There’s a couple of very old and run down houses at Paddington, it looks like they’re finally getting repainted; it was time to catch their character.

I’m reasonably happy with this one, it strikes me as something I’d see on my favourite photoblog, albeit no where near as good; it looks a little fuzzy in the bottem left corner, and would be much stronger if it was front on. But I am happy with the colours and the celtic cross shadow.

Walking around the city.

November 30, 2004

Walked around the city with Rob and a few folks from the camera group, doing interesting things and learning things. Many more test images than real images, below are a few that catch my eye:

Roma Street Parklands

November 1, 2004

I took these shots about a month ago, I haven’t bothered putting them up yet because I didn’t think any of them were any good, but I was wrong, a couple have a fair bit of potential.

I wasn’t that thrilled with the parkland itself, it’s all metal and awful concrete. The plants were wonderful, and the actual water itself was good.

It was spitting on the day, which made me grumble, until I realised that would be perfect for some water shots. I need to get a polarising filter if I continue to do this water stuff.