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Double Take and Taking to the Streets

April 30, 2006

I popped along to the MoB today to see two exhibits.

Double Take is a set of artistic works using older works as inspiration; there’s some great stuff there, though the abstract interpretations are completely lost on me. My favourite is easily the Russian doll set of high rise offices, with the worker looking no happier no matter how large he gets.

Somebody must think that Joh’s body is cold enough to put together this large set of artifacts covering his reign that go to make up Taking to the Streets exhibit. There’s a lot of fun and interesting stuff here, but only if you lean to the left.

Conjure 2006

April 19, 2006

Over long easter weekend I attended the 45th National Science Fiction Convention. Overall, I was quite impressed by the con, but there were still a few annoyances, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging..

Most of the panels were excellent value, with lots of industry people spilling the beans. Kim Wilkins, Aussie horror author, was just divine; I’m thinking of reading some of her stuff based solely on her stage presence.

It was a tad disapointing when panel chairs didn’t show up, but the panelists usually went on to give great sessions. What was more annoying was a biased chair: Cory Doctorow of boingboing fame chairing a copyleft vs copyright panel was never going to give both sides a fair hearing.

The “what’s new in science this year” seminar was let down by a lot of time being spent on intelligent design.

There’s a large intersection of geekdom between the science fiction world and the OSS world. The obvious difference though is the gender balance, something like 60/40 towards women. I might start writing more.

The funniest session was actually sponsored by my current employer, readings of old work by Aussie authors that are now stored in the Fryer Library.

I met a lot of interesting people (and a cute one too) and just generally had a good time. Thanks to Felicity for dragging me to the masquerade ball, which was good fun.