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City News

September 29, 2005

For the Brisbanites, I heartily recommend picking up a free copy of the City News, if only to read the Paradox section, a parody of recent Political events in QLD.

A quote from the premier, Peter `Beatup’:

I have renamed the Government jet `Beetup’s Ark’ and I am aiming to bring back two of every health professional.

We want two doctors, two dentists, two midwives, two scientsits, two pharmacists, two medical imaging technologists and two allied health workers – whatever they are.

And the section finishes with:

Latest opinion polls show Mr Beatup’s popularity has fallen. My Cyborg’s approval has also fallen. At the current rate, pollsters expect no-one will win the next state election.

Great stuff.


Humbug Needs You!

September 29, 2005

In order to be a totally slack crunt, not only have I decided not to allow myself to be nominated (not that anyone did..) onto the executive, I’ve also decided to give up the webmaster position, and the talks maintainer position that fell into my lap.

Being the webmaster is fairly easy, the amount of work you do is totally up to you.

Talks maintainer is trickier, you need to be a smiling happy person (think about that for a second) and be a bit of a cheerleader to rally the troops into doing a talk.

If anyone is interested in either position, please contact the executive.

First S2 shots.

September 12, 2005

I’ve finally taken a couple of shots with my new S2.

In all my years of hanging around this campus, I’ve never seen this large a family.

Right out of my office window. The image changes dramatically throughout the day, depending on the natural light, the internal lights, and the angles of the window.