Clinton is a software engineer, focusing on Open Source, Linux and Python. Most of his career has been supporting scientists at Australia’s leading research organisations (CRCs, ARCs, CSIRO, Universities). Currently Clinton is a Senior Developer with Bloomberg.

Clinton is a strong believer in spreading knowledge, and to this end has given talks at myriads of technical conferences (OSDC, linux.conf.au, PyCon Australia/New Zealand). Clinton also participates in Coder Dojo, teaching fundamental computer concepts to children. Clinton is also a certified Software Carpentry Instructor, able to pass on fundamental Computer Science techniques to researchers across any domain. Clinton also semi-regularly teaches classes in programming and electronics at the State Library of Queensland.

Clinton is involved in running his local Unix group (HUMBUG) and ran the local Python group for many years. Clinton has been heavily involved in running linux.conf.au and PyCon Australia.

Clinton also produces the occasional podcast episode for Hacker Public Radio.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. hamish76 Says:

    Hi Clinton
    I’m interested in get involved in the Brisbane Python community. What do you think is best avenue?

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