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Happy Mincom Employees

June 14, 2005

New Job

June 9, 2005

After four plus years at DSTC I’m finally moving onto a new job. I’ve accepted a position at the Quantum Atom Optics theory group, an ARC centre of excellence at the Physics department of UQ.

On the physical side I’ll barely be moving at all, as the new job is still on campus. On the philosophical side of things, the new job is worlds apart, I’ll be working on a GPL project surrounded by people who understand software, versus working on code destined for a commercial black hole and short sighted management.

My fondest memories of DSTC are the early days (I must be getting old), rubbing shoulders with some very cluey people and learning a lot. My last day is next Friday, as is normal, there will be a farewell lunch at the ville Indian place, midday.

This blog is currently hosted on DSTC space, it’ll probably be removed shortly after I leave, never fear though, dear readers, it will promptly be back once I’ve settled in at the new job.