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End of the World

November 10, 2003

Two of the louvers of the TARDIS were open, which would indicate that either the chameleon circuit was working (albeit, rather insignificantly) or the outer shell is dynamic in nature. However, I seem to recall the dynamic shell feature was only introduced in much later versions than the type forty.


A new toy

November 4, 2003

I recently purchased a Canon PowerShot A70 digital camera along with a 512Mb flash memory card. I flattened the provided alkaline batteries in the first day, but have only gotten around to purchasing some rechargables and a charger today. Yesterday a Crumpler Sporty Guy 2.8 bag was ordered to hold all the bits in.

At the moment all of the pictures I’ve taken are rather amateurish; this is the first camera I’ve ever owned, after all. There’s shots of the city that have this really cool raver style effect, but that’s due to a shaky hand rather than skill.

A new toy.

November 4, 2003

I’ve just received my new Canon S1:

The main feature I wanted was the 10x zoom lens, the 3x lens on the A70 was proving too restrictive. To go along with the zoom lens is image stabilization hardware, which ameliorates my shaky hands. The actual zooming motion is very quick and smooth, and a lot finer grained than the a70.

I’ve also purchased a lens adapter and a polarising lens, which should make a great deal of difference in a lot of my work.

At this point in time I’m very happy, we’ll have to see how it pans out over time though.