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The Korean War, by Brian Catchpole

February 23, 2005

A fairly easy to read account of the war, from the lead up, through the initial stages against North Korean troops, through to the stalemate with China, and finally to where we are today. The book covers many facets, politics, military, the UN involvement, the world wide approach to the war.

There’s not enough information on the North Korean/Chinese/Russian side of things, but obviously primary documents would be nearly impossible to obtain.

Well worth reading.


Atom crap.

February 19, 2005

In the process of adding James’s blog to Planet Humbug we came across a problem where the atom feed didn’t contain an url back to the blog. The root cause seems to be blogger’s stupid feed creator, the work around is to ensure the blog has a description.


February 14, 2005

Quite long, but very well acted. Definitely following a formula though.

Worth seeing if you’re into that era of music.

S1 Niggles

February 9, 2005

I’ve had some time to play with the S1 and I’m now able to complain about it.

  • No bulb mode (unlimited exposure time, required for night time photography) I think the maximum exposure time I can dial is 15 seconds, which is well short of what’s needed for serious night time work, but adequate for play.
  • Slow focus in low light conditions. It often helps to turn IS (image stabilisation) off, focus, then turn IS back on.
  • Chroma distortion. Blue fringes where dark and light objects meet. Normally means that you’re close to over exposing the light objects anyway.

Enoggera Catchment

February 9, 2005

Went for a short bushwalk through Brisbane Forest Park during the Christmas break:

A New Route

February 7, 2005

Instead of struggling through Castelmaine and Milton st traffic, just skirt around the outside of Suncorp stadium, take the pedestrian overpass, turn left to get onto Cribb st and take the Coronation underpass. This replaces a nasty hill and a few sets of lights with a flat, wide unused track.


February 3, 2005

Pre-Christmas picnic at southbank, shot in sepia. Note the scribbles and love hearts.

Paddington House

February 2, 2005

There’s a couple of very old and run down houses at Paddington, it looks like they’re finally getting repainted; it was time to catch their character.

I’m reasonably happy with this one, it strikes me as something I’d see on my favourite photoblog, albeit no where near as good; it looks a little fuzzy in the bottem left corner, and would be much stronger if it was front on. But I am happy with the colours and the celtic cross shadow.