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Friday 30th January

January 31, 2015


Got the pyconau15 landing page done, a small yay.

Working on slides for the lca debrief tomorrow.


Thursday 29th January

January 29, 2015

Work. How is it not Friday yet?

Another day, another late leave time after another late finding bug.

I’ve started updating the pycon 2015 landing page, will get that finished for the weekend.

Wednesday 28th January

January 29, 2015


Spent a fair chunk of today dealing with the ghost CVE. Although our upstream provided updates, do to the somewhat unique way our machines are installed and configured, the upgrade wasn’t a piece of cake. There’s something about doing security patches that drain all the energy out of me to boot.

I did end up booking some accommodation for my Melbourne trip, centrally located to everyone I want to see.

Tuesday 27th January

January 29, 2015

Back to work day.

Not much to report.

I did start a twitter account for Humbug, BrisbaneUnix. yay? :)

I also booked flights for a lightning Melbourne trip, call it a birthday present to myself.

26th January

January 26, 2015

Notwork, due to Australia day. Spending an inordinate amount of time trying to find some aircon so I don’t sweat all day long. I did get to pre-poll vote in the morning, so not all aircon hunting time was wasted.

My headphones have died in one ear, time for another set of consumables. The wirleless in the library is hopeless. This combination is making me very unproductive at both tasks I set myself for today.

Sun 25th January

January 25, 2015

Finished the Learning to Learn MOOC course. I missed a few of the deadlines due to lca2015, so I’m not not bothering to do the written parts, which does make me feel rather like I haven’t finished the course. It’ll be interesting to see if I can apply the techniques going forward. I’m pretty sure I’ll chase up their book at some point as well.

Saturday 24th January

January 24, 2015

Caught up with a friend in the morning.

Booked the local bowling place for my birthday celebration.

Caught up on the ‘learning to learn’ mooc. I’ve missed the deadline on the quiz and the written material, but I’m continuing through with everything else. I should be able to get through the final week of content tomorrow.

Watching more LCA2015 videos.

Friday 23rd January

January 24, 2015


A very wet day, I was drenched only about fifty metres from home.

Watching and noting on more lca2015 videos.

Thursday 22nd January

January 24, 2015


Finished typing up my hand written LCA2015 notes into the humbug wiki. I’ve now started the videos of the talks that I’ve missed.

Went and saw the move “Birdman” and I felt like I was back at BIFF, what a lovely little film, that covers a range of themes, without being complicated.

Home at midnight though, which made for a short night’s sleep.

Wednesday 21st January

January 24, 2015


Caught up with a close friend this evening. I may well lose her in the coming weeks, so I’m trying to organise a nice night out for her in a few weeks, under the guise of my birthday.