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Kiwi PyCon quick reviews

September 12, 2015


  • Keynote, Brenda Wallace, State of Copyright. Lots of interesting information, NZ centric though (naturally) video
  • Keynote, Allison Kaptur, Ways we can be more effective learners. Focusing on the idea of a mindset, the context of our learning and different approaches, a hilight of the conference for me video
  • Keynote, Katie Bell, Python as a Teaching Language video
  • Brian Thorne, Blind Analytics, algorithms on encrypted data. I’ll probably have to watch this fifty times to actually understand.Video
  • Katie McLaughlin, Build a Better Hat Rack. Being nice in open source, not assuming that people know your work is appreciated. not all work is
  • Chris Neugebauer, Python’s type hints, in comparison to Javascripts. A very promising talk about the future of type hinting in python. video
  • Martin Henschke, Eloise “Ducky” Macdonald-Meyer, Coding workshops for school kids in Tasmania. Similar outcomes to the keynote. video
  • Tim Mitchell, Database Migrations using alembic, programmatically upgrading database scemas, hilights for me were the use cases. The example used was a good one as it’s multi staged (it’s a bad example for other reasons :) video
  • Jeremy Stott, Practical Web Security, takes a hobby project and secures it. Lots of little tips. video
  • Thomi Richards, Connascence in Python, a language for talking about the different types of coupling video
  • Cory Benfield, You Don’t care About Efficiency. All about sync code wasting cpu cycles while IO is happening, don’t do that. Doesn’t cover threading though. video
  • Lee Symes, Why Python is awesome, always good to see how languages are learning off each other video
  • Various (including myself), Lightning talks video


  • Ben Shaw, Micro-Services: Is HTTP the only way? video
  • Chris LeBlanc, Cython, I’ve done a lot of Cython, but there’s a a lot of features and it’s a fast moving target video
  • Steve Baker, The Pythonista’s 3D printing toolchain video
  • Tom Eastmen, security. Tom gives lightning talk about serial protocols everywhere, based on that, this should be good video
  • Fraser Tweedale, Integrating Python apps with Centralised Identity systems. I believe that this talk is mostly focused on configuring your web server to do authnz, rather than coding it incorrectly. video
  • Rand Huso, MPI and IoC video
  • Gagan Sharma, Simon Salinas, Custom Python Applications in Neuroscience video


  • Fei Long Wang, Zaqar, struggled to find a reason this exists, it might just need to exist to be an open replacement for SQS. video
  • WxPython Tuning app for FreeEMS, a Python app taking serial data from a car control system. They jumped to using threads and mutexes and things and didn’t seem to try to use an async read from the serial port, when they were already using a GUI mainloop. I asked why not, but they didn’t seem to understand my question. There doesn’t appear to be a video, may be because of a poorly named command line tool that sounds like a swear word.