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Red, White, and the Blues

July 15, 2004

This movie tells the story of the exporting of the Blues from America to the UK, the mixing of it there with Folk music, the re-importation of this white Blues back into the America and the sudden awaking that country had of it’s very own style of music.

Tom Jones singing Blues music, wow.


Godfathers and Sons

July 13, 2004

Where as Feel like going Home traced the Blues back to Africa roots, this movie explores the urban influences of integration and commercialism that went to create the electric guitar sound of modern Blues and rock, and, apparently, Hip Hop and Rap :)

Given the context of the Jewish record label owner and Christian Blues musicians around a table, the quote of the movie is `critics are just the reincarnated members of the mob that hanged Jesus.’

Feel Like Going Home

July 13, 2004

Traces the history of Blues music from the slave trade through to the cotton fields. Includes some intruiging footage of american pipe music, with very obvious beginnings in African tribal music.