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Linux.Conf.Au 2005

April 25, 2005

Firstly, I fell in love with Canberra, I’ve never been anywhere that has autumn before. The low temperatures and lack of humidity were great.

The highlights for me were Andrew Morton, Ted Ts’o and Eben Moglen. Some of my photos are up.

The Brisbane Consortium made a valiant, but somewhat late bid for the t-shirt this year; we were quickly routed.

I was disapointed by some aspects of the conference. It seems as though the organisers were under some threat of illicit entry, and they responded to this by having fairly aggressive name badge checking at entry and exit of venues. This gave the conference a very different feel to previous conferences, and was unwelcome; a more subtle approach would have worked just as well.

The sound system on the night of the dinner was a little lacklustre, us folks right up the back couldn’t hear a thing.

But my biggest gripes were about individual people. People not sitting as directed. People eating and drinking where they shouldn’t have been, and subsequently leaving scraps behind. People smoking where they shouldn’t have been. People not silencing mobile phones during lectures. People using laptops during presentations despite being asked not to. People just generally being loud, noisy and obnoxious.

Apart from these problems though, I enjoyed the conference immensely and can’t wait for New Zealand’s turn.

Wet Spider Web

April 12, 2005

I do so love miserable weather.

Mall 2 Mall

April 10, 2005

I took part in mall 2 mall ride this year which snakes it’s way from Brisbane mall to Ipswich mall. The entrance fee goes to the Ipswich Hospital Foundation.
We got soaked in the city before the start (but not before applying the sunscreen, of course). It was a reasonable challenge for me as my normal cycling is limited to work commuting; plus since I’m the only one with pannier bags, I was the pack mule for three friends :) There was a great variety of bikes in the ride, bmx, mountain bike, race bikes, recumbents, and even a penny farthing.
I’m quite pleased with myself at completing the ride, I thought I would have a much harder time of it than I did.


April 7, 2005

Hokey Spokes, Bill will recall my complete fascination at a toy he bought for his kids that works on similar principles.

The Air Zound, I’m sick of my piddly little bell.

Bitlbee http proxy port bug.

April 2, 2005

This is so the next time I have to set up BitlBee, I won’t spend ages trying to figure it out.

When you set the http proxy url, make sure to set a port, it doesn’t seem to default to anything useful, and BitlBee just refuses to work.