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Who wants to be a politican.

September 6, 2006

This is the result of watching too much Insiders and spending too much time with aj.

With the pathetic choices available to us this coming election, I thought it’d be a good idea to try a reality tv program to pick a politician. I haven’t quite figured out if I’m trying to find a federal Labor leader or a QLD Liberal leader.

The basic idea would be to have a test each week, with an studio audience voting off the worst performer (using a worm, of course).

Tests could include:

  • A characterture test, get the political cartoonists to do a quick sketch, and see which one has the least flair.
  • How convincing a “I do not recall.” rendition is.
  • Baby kissing, the entrant to make the least babies cries wins.
  • Prop handling; how quickly can a politician raise an appropriate prop (think giant two cent coin or a monkey)
  • Verbal barbs, we don’t want any more lame stand-offs in front of the cameras.

Of course, only the Chaser guys could pull this off.