Tomato seedlings planted.

My tomato seedlings looked large enough to plant today, although I was worried it was too hot for them. Tomato plants (at least the domesticated/cultivated ones us humans grow) are too weak to support the bloated size of the fruit they produce, and hence need to be staked. Originally I was going to support the stakes by wiring them against the security grill surrounding the patio, but that would have made moving the pot around very difficult. Instead I constructed a self supporting structure of bamboo stakes within the pot itself. Two stakes at either end of the rectangular pot are angled together, with a horizontal stake on top providing the structure, with vertical stakes from the middle of the pot connecting up to the horizontal stake actually being used to hold the plants up.

It says something when I’m more proud of my weekend plant staking efforts than of my entire week of software engineering.

It was fascinating to see how quickly the plants were affected by their change in environment; all the seedlings drooped very quickly when being transplanted. Several hours later, after watering with plant food, they’re looking about two thirds as good as they were in the seedling tray.

I should have taken some figures down of how many seeds failed to germinate, and how many seedlings died off; but I think about 90% of the seeds germinated, and about 90% of the seedlings made it to the transplanting stage, which is better than I was expecting.


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