South Coast Track

I’m planning on doing this walk before 2017. I’m interested in a couple of experienced hikers to join me. It starts at Melaleuca and finishes at Cockle creek.

Important Points

This is a reasonably serious hike, you need to have plenty of multi day hike experience to join me.

  • Estimated dates: 8th Jan to 15th Jan 2017
  • Eighty five kilometre hike done over seven days.
  • Tides and wet weather may add a day or three.
  • Fly in to the starting point (yeah, it’s remote)
  • Carrying own food and sterilize own water.
  • Everything you take in, you take out.
  • Taking care of your own poop along the way (think shovel).
  • Camping overnight, no cabins
  • Bus back to Hobart (three hours)


  • Organise Park pass.
  • Organise flights and fuel.
  • Organise bus.
  • Try not to scare everyone from joining me.
  • Order guide book. (done)
  • Beg/borrow/steal/hire epirb (sourced, need to ship)


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