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February 14, 2005

Quite long, but very well acted. Definitely following a formula though.

Worth seeing if you’re into that era of music.


I Heart Huckabees

January 23, 2005

A fun, quirky, sometimes interesting but ultimately sentimental story of the search for the meaning of life. Very much worth seeing.

Blade Trinity.

January 4, 2005

Best Blade movie ever. Or at least, best out of all three. Sword fights, cool weapons, personal interactions. Some very chilling blackmail scenes, which is what vampires are about, at least in the WHO tradition.

Oh, and comedy!

Just awesome.


December 27, 2004

I really enjoyed this movie, but I’m having trouble explaining why, and writing anything about it.

The cinematography was charming throughout, with a lot of use of lazy focus. It’s amazing how lovely a grubby little place can look a with a simple coloured filter and some fuzzyness.

I guess where the film works is the number of `been there, done/felt’ that moments.

Well worth seeing if you hold out any hope of falling in love one day.

Three Dollars

December 27, 2004

A movie adaption of a book by Elliot Perlman (that I haven’t read).

David Wenham is always good value, it’s a pleasure to watch him perform. The young actress playing his daughter was also adorable.

Violence randomly rears its head a couple of times during the film, similar to real life I suppose.

Lovely reminiscing scenes, that were quaintly Australian, without making me want to cringe, gave the movie a lot of history and depth.

Unfortunately, just when the movie hits its most interesting and challenging point, it steps back and takes the easy road, leaving a lot of scaffolding unused. Maybe the film crew were just being faithful to the book, but for the movie, it was disappointing.

It’s worth seeing, but films like Somersault, and The Bank, are much better examples of Australian films.

(The Story of the) Weeping Camel.

November 23, 2004

Seen at the Dendy on Sunday night.

I missed out on seeing this one at BIFF.

It documents a portion of a Mongolian family’s life, with the central problem of a baby camel not being accepted by its mother.

Most of the area is glorious to see on the big screen, it’s hard not get a sweeping landscape shot out there.

This movie is simple, intimate and warm and a pleasure to watch.


November 14, 2004

So yeah, this movie was very pretty, and it needed to be, as the plot was a fairly convoluted battle of wits rather than weapons. The pieces do stitch together very well in the end, and it definitely avoids a sickly sweet ending.

Final Cut

November 14, 2004

I enjoyed this sf thriller. Robin Williams doesn’t need to try to prove himself as an actor any more, he’s made the cut. The technology may be the vehicle for the story, but most of the time is spent exploring the dark, seedy sides of human nature. Yummy.

The Corporation

September 9, 2004

So I was led to believe this film was interesting and worth watching, by someone who shall remain nameless.

The first third or so of this film was interesting and thought provoking, it had a simple formula and it was basically working towards it, with interesting interviews and commentary.

Somewhere about a third of the way through it goes off the tracks and we’re talking about IBM being Hitler’s right hand man (the book has been out for at least five years, don’t waste my time, I’ve already read it), anti-trade protests (I hate preaching to the choir, films are meant to make us think), spineless governments (we *are* in a democracy, if the democracy is weak, you’ve only yourself to blame) and communism (eh?).

It was good to see the fact mentioned several times that consumers still actually have the ultimate power.

See the first hour, then walk out.


September 8, 2004

A fun, energetic patchwork of a film. The musical interludes were well done. The script joined the different threads of the story in a very seamless way.

The computer graphics of the fight scenes (this *is* a Samurai movie after all) were a bit dodgy.

It did feel overly long at several points, feeling like it should have ended at the previous scene.