Camp JS

Camp JS was a weekend conference held at Koonjewarre down at Springbrook.

The area the accommodation in was lovely, if the weather had been better I would have definitely done a little bush walking. The accommodation itself was pretty basic, but along with your own sleeping bag and pillow was reasonable for a weekend, but would start getting a bit painful for longer stays. The food on offer was very good for the most part, except for one meal, but that turned out to be a backup meal.

The conference did have planned workshops all weekend, and some of these were very good. However the main point of the conference was not attending the workshops, it was interacting with other developers, both on a technical and social level.

On the upside were some impressive international guests and sponsors. On the downside for me were the smokers who always smoked just outside whatever building I was in. On the interesting side was the open bar, free beer and wine for all, at any time, without any problems whatsoever; something to think about given lca’s recent moves to restrict alcohol access.


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