Podcast update

I recently changed the podcast application on my phone to Pocket Casts, so I figured now was as good a time as any to update the world as to what podcasts to listen to, to keep up with my segue free, abrupt subject changes.


  • A Little Bit of Python
  • Coding By Numbers
  • FLOSS Weekly
  • Free as in Freedom
  • This week in Debian
  • IT Conversations
  • Pragmatic Podcasts


  • Boing Boing Gweek
  • Future Tense (ABC)
  • Innovations (ABC)
  • Outriders (BBC)
  • Patch Monday by ZDNet Australia
  • SolderSmoke Podcasts
  • Spark (CBC)
  • Spectrum Podcasts
  • Tech Weekly
  • EEVblog – The Electronics Engineering Video Blog


  • A word in your ear (ABC)
  • Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
  • Word of Mouth with Colleen Ross (CBC)
  • A Way with Words


  • All in the Mind (ABC)

Politics/Current affairs

  • Analysis (BBC)
  • Background Briefing (ABC)
  • Counterpoint (ABC)
  • Law Report (ABC)
  • More or Less: Behind the Stats (BBC)
  • National Interest (ABC)


  • Astronomy Cast
  • StarStuff (ABC)


  • TEDTalks
  • Big Ideas (ABC)
  • Geologic Podcast
  • Ideas (CBC)
  • KCRW’s Le Show (NPR)
  • Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! (NPR)
  • Search Engine (CBC)
  • Tank Riot
  • This American Life (NPR)
  • Robert Llewellyn’s CarPool


  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
  • The history of the world in 100 objects (BBC)
  • In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg (BBC)
  • Playback (NPR)
  • Rear Vision (ABC)
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class


  • 60-Second Science
  • 60-Second Tech
  • The Science Show (ABC)
  • Discovery (BBC)
  • Material World (BBC)
  • Nature Podcast
  • Krulwich on Science (NPR)
  • Ockham’s Razor (ABC)
  • Quirks and Quarks (CBC)
  • Skeptoid
  • Radiolab (NPR)
  • Science in Action (BBC)
  • Science Talk


  • Freakonomics Radio
  • Planet Money (NPR)


  • Eli Glasner on Film (CBC)
  • KCRW’s Film Reviews (NPR)
  • At the Movies (ABC)


  • All Songs Considered (NPR)
  • Live Concerts from All Songs Considered (NPR)


  • The Age of Persuasion (CBC)
  • Media Watch (ABC)

2 Responses to “Podcast update”

  1. bevan@koopman.id.au Says:

    Umm, when do you eat, sleep and work? Oh right, I get it, while listening to podcasts.

    • clintonroy Says:

      I fit in a fairly large number of rss feeds as well, but I doubt there’s much use sharing those. I listen to podcasts when I’m doing housework, commuting etc, listening to podcasts uses all my cognitive bandwidth.

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