Community Coding – Workshop One

I’ve recently started running some Community Coding workshops at The Edge, I’m hoping to document them a little by way of this blog.

The workshops are open to anyone interested in learning more about programming, of any experience level, including beginners. We’re using the One Laptop Per Child as our development platform, it comes with a number of different programming environments that can cater to different levels of experience.

I’m hoping that all participants will come away with a greater understanding of what makes computers tick, and more confidence to make computers do what they want. The Edge is hoping for a couple of applications that they can use at the space.

The first workshop went well, there was a lot of planning and prep done. I’ve got a lot of items on my todo list now!

I have started a Launchpad instance to store all our code and documentation.


2 Responses to “Community Coding – Workshop One”

  1. Clarissa Womack Says:

    Maybe I can get my mother to learn Python!

  2. Jack Says:

    Thanks for the workshop today (and Google+ and the Fedora boot drives!).

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