lca2011 – Schedule is now available!

The organising team are very pleased to announce the Schedule of presentations for lca2011.

A draft schedule of presentations, full of breadth and depth, is now available for lca2011. From around the world, and among the best and brightest in Australia & New Zealand, the schedule for lca2011 includes topics from cloud computing and HTML5 to Kernel innovations and Databases as well as a FOSS powered Telco in Dili and Linux powered coffee roaster. 2011 runs for a full week starting Monday 24th January, with presentations, tutorials, some significant Keynote presentations, 15 Miniconfs and an Open Day.

“I look on this Schedule as a thing of great beauty” says Marco
Ostini, Papers Chair of lca2011 “It’s like a glance across today’s
global FOSS community. It contains presentations which include
innovation, boldness and significant improvements, as well talks that
include heart and thoughtfulness. It’s been a lot of hard work, and is
not yet complete but gives people a strong guide that lca2011 in
Brisbane will be a stunner”

For more information, please refer to the lca2011 Schedule.


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