Gimp workshop at The Edge

A free Gimp workshop is being held at
The Edge.

When: Wednesday 7 April and Wednesday 5 May 2010, from 4pm to 6pm.


3 Responses to “Gimp workshop at The Edge”

  1. Daniel Devine Says:

    Looks interesting. DIdn’t know about this place. Girlfriend might be interested too because she always whining about not doing anything or meeting anyone.

  2. kangawallafox Says:

    …its really good to see this sort of thing happening in Brisvegas

    • clintonroy Says:

      They have an open sauce (not a typo) stream where they’re teaching different open source tools. I’ll probably get dragged along to the wordpress one :)

      They’re also running an arduino workshop the first weekend of may, I’m going to help out.

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