Linux.Conf.Au 2010 in Wellington

Last week I was in Wellington attending Linux.Conf.Au. It was an extremely well run conference, and as has been the case for many years, the highlight of my past twelve months.

I started out by cleverly flying to Auckland and taking the
Overlander train to Wellington, sidestepping the weather that diverted many flights.

The first day was spent in the Ardunio miniconf, soldering the finishing components onto my pebble board (arduino I/O break out shield, kinda). Was exposed to the Aiko library, which essentially provides a mainloop and event callbacks, which very much fits with my view of the world. Managed to burn my hands a couple of times, distraction is a killer. The organisers felt sorry for me and I won an Arduino starters kit, with lots of little odd components. I promptly gave away the actual Arduino as I already have a couple of them.

My favourite talk was on adding GCC Plugins, then the GCC update, then the Linux kernel performance event API.

There were a *tonne* of good talks besides these, and many I couldn’t attend due to lack of personal spatial redundancy.

Yes, like previous years, I intend to do a debrief, at least at Humbug and at work. I’m going to try something different this year and hire out a speaking room at the library as well.

The big news for me personally is that we were finally allowed to tell the world that next years Linux.Conf.Au will be held in Brisbane. I’ve taken on the role of Open Day organiser.

We’re running a competition through our website,, to solicit ideas to augment the conference. We have a range of free registrations for the most creative ideas that we can actually execute.


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