Twenty Ten — Getting a Job

This post has been in the drafts pile for a little while: a lot of the facts are still open to change, and there’s a fair bit of emotion I’ve tried to weed out of the post. I have a lot of my self worth tied up in my employment, and thus changes to my employment have always been rather difficult for me.

My current contract with the CSIRO comes to an end in March, and it’s been made fairly clear to me that my current position won’t be repeated once my term is up. It’s fairly up in the air if I’m going to be offered any position. I like what I’m currently doing and there’s still a lot of useful work to be done, but money and directions of the unit I’m in are somewhat different to mine. There is at least one other option available in CSIRO right now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, to really put the boot in, my travel to Linux.Conf.Au in Wellington has been canned by the very-higher-ups despite having to-the-hilt support from local management. It was made clear that the decision had to do with the end of my contract. There must be some demotivational poster in there somewhere.

Anyway, if you’re after a C/Python developer after March, I may well be free.


One Response to “Twenty Ten — Getting a Job”

  1. ThoughtForToday Says:

    Man. You need to chill. Get it all in perspective. I suggest pulling a few cones, enjoying a bit-o-life-in-the-socialisation-lane, then polishing the resume and getting into sales-man mode. The cool thing is, everyone in your work environment knows you will be moving on from the current role. This means they’ll completely understand you fielding calls during work hours in their presence.

    Oh and, btw, just to jog your memory, remember to ask your dad: “Got any pointers?” :-)



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