Antlr Tutorial Prep.

Hello Planet Linux.Conf.Au!

I’m very fortunate this year to be giving a tutorial on Antlr, a parser generator toolkit that I’ve done a little work for.

I’ve given plenty of talks on Antlr and even saw the lead developer (Terence Parr) give a talk when he was in Sydney, so I’m quite comfy there.

What I’m not so sure of is how to lead a tutorial session. Antlr has a great IDE in AntlrWorks, which definitely makes things easier. My problem is trying to come up with problems that aren’t too hard, and that show off the features of Antlr; but also show off the workflow benefits of a toolkit that scales.

My best idea so far is to create a simple configuration file parser, extend that to an expression evaluator, turn that into an interpreter, then use string templates to output Python bytecode.

If you’ve got any ideas, please drop me a mail.


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