0.18 – Usable!

So I spent a little bit of time playing with myth last night.

I’m now using Matt Zimmerman’s debs to get around compiling things.

I used Debian’s module-assistant to compile the nVidia kernel modules that I need for TV-out, a wonderful tool that does all the tricky stuff for you.

There’s even a recent enough release of lirc in Debian now that supports kernel events interface; although, setting it up was a nightmare, much harder than last time. The configuration file format seems to have changed, but there were no parsing errors, just silent failure. And the walk-through setup wizard output incorrect configuration information…

The web interface needed a tiny patch to work, a call to intval() around the port parameter passed to the fsockconnect call that connects to the backend, no idea what’s going on there.

I also had to hack the database a fair bit, it had metadata about hundreds of recordings made last year that had long been deleted from the filesystem, listing the recorded programs was taking an age as it attempts to get a keyframe of each and every missing recording.

The new version has much better DVB support than previous versions, though the channel input dialog is a big finicky (add a transport for each station frequency, then do a scan on all existing transports). Channel Seven doesn’t seem to play ball here, but I haven’t tried recording anything yet.

As for playback, colours look off, I’m not sure why yet. Panning and scrolling look horrible, not enough grunt maybe, I’m yet to look at the load of the box during playback. The speedup on playback option rocks, Kevin Rudd almost speaks as quickly as a normal person using it.


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