So I’m having a look at dotProject to organise, um, everything, work, hobbies, birthdays, physio appointments; the works.

It’s a web app (php) sitting on top of a db (mysql), fairly standard stuff. Although PhP is one of the most broken languages in use today, the authors of dotProject have at first glance done a credible job of using it sensibly. I’m hosting it at work, and with a little VPN trickery can access it from home.

Overall it seems very heavyweight for what I want to do with it, which is really to jot down every silly think I think I have to do. On the other hand, it should handle the work side of things very nicely indeed.

There’s a couple of niggles that I came across fairly quickly. It’s not enough just to enter a task for it to become visible on the ToDo list, you’ve got to set a finishing date, no matter how dodgy. There’s no capacity to send out reminder emails of appointments, which is really rather a gaping hole. Still, I think I should be able to hack something up fairly quickly to do that..


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