A new toy, an Iriver.

A solid state MP3 Player.

Features I care about:

  • It is tiny.
  • One (marketing) GB of memory.
  • plays Oggs.
  • FM receiver, quite good.
  • In built microphone, I was very surprised at the quality of the recording.
  • Uses normal AA batteries.


  • The menu controls are a little dorky, requiring hold-and-press to get to a menu means you need more buttons.
  • Slight delay between playback of oggs, a tiny bit annoying when listening to audio stories.

Unfortunately there’s no UMS (USB Mass Storage, apparently) firmware for my particular version so it doesn’t appear as a USB memory stick. Instead I have to use a little program called ifp, which basically treats the iriver as an ftp server. It works, but it’s not as convenient as a UMS device. It would have been nice if the debian package was recent enough to work my device too :)

Overall, I’m very impressed and happy.


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