Getting Apache and Quixote to talk to each other.

So I’m looking at Quixote to implement some webby stuff for a work project. Everyone that knows me knows that I hate webby stuff, but love Python. Quixote seems to fit the bill perfectly, it mostly looks just like Python, and it handles most of the crappy webby stuff for me.

The downside to using Quixote seems to be in getting it to work. As a plain CGI application it’s pretty easy, you’ve just got to munge PYTHONPATH to include your application, however it’s slow. There’s several different ways of hooking it up to Apache to improve the speed, mod_scgi but it hasn’t been ported to Apache 2 yet, mod python, but that doesn’t use Quixote sessions, and Fast CGI which compiles easily, but I haven’t been able to configure to actually work.


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