I, Robot

Before I go about lambasting this movie, I should really give some context. I could have been at the opening night of BIFF, no hollywood film is ever going to top that. I was also the last person in the cinema and had to sit right down the front, the worst seat in the house when the screen is two stories high.

The pre and post movie company and chat was great, the food and coffee were great, so overall the night was a success. Pity about the movie though.

It was very pretty, the robot faces were always walking this fine line between friend and foe; it was impressive just how little lighting was required to completely change their expression.

On the Asimov side of things, it was fairly disappointing, I felt like I was being force fed the ABCs. The lame generalizing of the three rules by the God computer was worthy of a groan.

The most worrying aspect was that the supposedly touchy feely robot who loved and dreamed, and most importantly who didn’t want to die, had no problem deciding that another sentient robot had to die.

On the quality of the acting, I can do no better than Michael’s `with wooden acting like this it’s difficult separating robots from humans’.


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