Captured in Colour: Rare photographs from the First World War

I visited this photographic exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane today.

The exhibition contains eighty odd photographs of the Great War, taken by French and Australian photographers, utilising two new colour techniques.

There aren’t many action shots as the technology of the day required exposure times in the order of seconds. To my eye, neither technique works particularly well on anything but strong base colours (red, green, blue) so items that stand out are flags, standards, colourful uniforms, medals, and in one stunning shot, flora; where as most of the background fades into a sepia sameness.

There are three amazing panoramas by an Australian photographer, Frank Hurley.

A surprising little project by a French photographer shows a group of children acting out the military feats of their parents. At first it’s very charming, but by the end it is definitely disturbing.

A must see if you’re into photography, but be quick, it finishes on the fourth of next month.


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