Blogging in style

So as the nominal webmaster for Humbug I’m meant to be updating the style of Planet Humbug so that it looks hip, and stuff. At the moment I’m really liking SLUG’s layout.

It’s much easier to tinker with my own blog than Humbug’s, so here is the first attempt. The first thing of note is that heinous blog crime, the graphic title. Secondly, it’s irritated me for some time that a story’s lead in is the date rather than the title, so with a little bit of template and Perl tweaking, I’ve moved the date down next to the permalink. Next I’d like to separate the articles a bit without breaking up the flow too much, as well as reduce the clutter of the sidebar.

For Planet Humbug, I’d also like to have a short bio of each contributor, nothing verbose, just listing what everyone does in the OSS world. I’d also like to display just the first paragraph or so of each entry.

This has nothing to do with keeping up with the Joneses.


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