Digital TV

So I’ve got yet another expensive toy to play with, a digital TV recorder setup. I’ve purchased a HauppaugeTV Nova-t digital TV tuner card, as well as a new video card with a TV-out socket, and an 80gig HDD to store stuff on. My home setup already has the television sitting next to the computer, so I don’t need a fancy box. And I’m not fussed about noise either; if I can hear it, great. The only bit of the puzzle I’m waiting on is the S video cord to arrive.

There are two goals I’d like to achieve, remote web based recording, for me and the flatmate; and predictive recording, probably based around

The hard drive was pretty simple, though I’m mildly grumpy that you still have to move pins around.

The video card wasn’t too much of a pain to install; it required X 4.3, which is in Debian, albeit the experimental section. Unfortunately, to be able to setup the TV-out slot it looks like the binary drivers from Nvidia are required, so there’s still some more work to do here.

The TV tuner card is still a work in progress. I’ve downloaded the dvb driver, only came across one weird compilation problem (that I’m yet to understand my fix for) and according to the test program I seem to be decoding the digital TV signals just fine. However, I haven’t yet been able to get xine to show me a picture.


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